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Scholarships for foreign students

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR FOREIGN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS - For foreign students from non- EU countries and for candidates who are interested in follow-up Master´s study and PhD. programme. The supported specializations are of scientific and technical areas and are organized at our partner universities in Brno.

Scholarships for study in English programmes

This programme offers scholarships for those students who are interested in some study fields taught in English. Scholarships are for students from Belarus, Serbia, Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

SOČ support (Secondary school research)

Secondary school research is a competition of high – school students solving problems in one of 18 scientific field. This competition is based on presentations within competitive shows. The most successful solvers represent ČR in similar international competitions.


Coordinators represent main officers between us and students. They are those, who motivate, influence, and inspire students.

SOČ support (Secondary school research)

Secondary School Research is a competition of high - school students solving problems in one of 18 scientific fields. This competition is based on presentationsof research results and the most successful solvers represent the Czech Republic in similar international competitions.


Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge. Find a way to teach your research institution the principles of Open Science through your project. The aim of this project is to initiate institutional and cultural modifications in organizations financing and implementing research activities.

Brno Ph.D. Talent 2018

BECOME A BRNO PHD TALENT! Are you talented in technical or natural sciences? Are you planning to pursue a Ph.D.? Do you have an innovative scientific project in mind? Do you wish to support your dissertation?

PPNS - Support of the Gifted Students

The Gifted Students is a great group of clever, hardworking, active, and inquiring students coming from the South Moravian region. They often belong to the best students of their field of study. They are interested in natural and technology sciences. They like examining, researching, and developing. And even you can be one of them!

Czech centres abroad

The aim of our Czech international centres is to offer to language courses of the Czech language to foreign students at our partner universities, to let them closer to a culture of the Czech Republic and provide assistance to candidates who are interested in studying at the universities in Brno.


Robotiáda is an international robotic competition for girls and boys who are 6 to 19 years old. No worries, no cramming is involved. And it is no Olympics either! Have you ever dreamt of building your own robot which is programmed and obeys you? That is exactly what this breathtaking cyber competition designed for young constructers of small robots is about. Sign up with your classmates and build a functional robot from Lego. Robots – this is Robotiáda!


N-trophy is a competition intended for high – school students full of experiments and research at unique university environment. Teams compete in four areas – biology, chemistry, physics and logic. A lot of assignments are connected with other scientific fields. A competition is intended for high – school students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. N – trophy is financially supported by the South Moravian Region.


SOMOPRO - South Moravian Programme for Distinguished Researchers is a regional grant programme directed at attracting skilled researchers to the South Moravian region. It supports projects in science, medicine and technology.


Do you want to play with a scalpel, reveal causes of big catastrophes, control methods for isolation of DNA or a software for modelling of chemical reactions in 3D, and understand the basics of robotics or making of GMO? Haven´t you come across these at school?

Erasmus + Talent Education

The Talent Education Program strives to enable highly gifted students to develop their full potential and become academically successful. Therefore, Talent Education program equips teachers and school managers with educational skills to recognize talent and to guide students towards better achievements and higher learning motivation. This project is prepared by four cities in three European countries.


South Moravian Centre for International Mobility is running EURAXESS Centre Brno which provide information and assistance to researchers and their families regarding to their plannning and organization of their moving to a foreign country. The Centre provides assistance in all matters related to mobility. All services provided by the EURAXESS Network are free of charge. Practical advice concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities can be found on the EURAXESS portal.