• for foreign students from non-EU  countries
  • for  candidates who are interested in follow-up Master´s study and PhD. programme
  • the supported specializations are of scientific and technical  areas and are organized at our partner universities in Brno
  • start - up scholarship is 7000CZK monthly (approx. 250 EUR) and advisory service

  • very good knowlgedge of the Czech language is required!

  • apllications will be accepted from 1st December 2018 till 31 st January 2019!

The programme includes also the CZECH CENTRES at our partner foreign universities. Courses of Czech language, cultural events and advisory service regarding study possibilities in Brno are provided.











Scholarship and consultancy:

  1. Scholarship 7000CZK monthly / approx. 250EUR monthly for the first study year to cover basic living costs (if students achieve good study results during the first study year, they can obtain scholarship straight from the university in the following years). No tuition fee in study programs in Czech language.
  2. Free administrative assistance and consultancy – help with university entrance exams procedure and during the first study year in the South Moravian region (diploma recognition, information service, visa, study matters etc.).


WHO can apply:

  • Foreign students from Non-EU countries, pursuing follow-up master or Ph.D. study programs in Czech language, at partner universities in Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Applicants, who have not studied at any of the Czech universities or secondary schools so far, except for preparatory and language courses or short-term study exchange programs. Those, who already have studied in the Czech Republic or have stayed here for minimum 6 months (dated to June 2019), are not eligible to apply.
  • Good knowledge of Czech language is required (follow-up master studies require very good knowledge of Czech language, for Ph.D. studies each faculty has different conditions).
  • Study programs in technical and natural science are preferred.

HOW and WHEN to apply:

Detailed information can be found in the section How to apply.

Applications for the academic year 2019/2020 will be accepted from 1st December 2018 till 31st January 2019.


  1. 1st December 2018 – 31st January 2019: submitting on-line applications for scholarship
  2. February – June 2019: submitting applications at universities (applicant is obliged to watch the deadlines, each faculty has different conditions and deadlines)
  3. May – July 2019: entrance exams/interview at universities
  4. End of June 2019: final selection of scholarship holders. The selection is done by an independent selection committee consisting of vice-rectors of our partner universities.


Each applicant must have good knowledge of Czech language before arrival to be able to pass entrance exam at university and start studying in Czech straight after their arrival in Brno.

During the studies there is a possibility to attend complimentary courses to improve your language level - these are NOT intensive preparatory courses for beginners!! Courses are offered by Centre for Foreigners Brno and by some universities, too.


From the previous years of the programme:

The scholarship programme for foreign students has started since the academic year 2006/2007; so far there have been supported already 216 students.

Overview of scholarship holders by academic years:

The scholarship programme for foreign students has started since the academic year 2006/2007; so far there have been supported already 216 students.

Overview of scholarship holders by academic years:

  • 2017/2018 - 18 students
  • 2016/2017 - 17 students
  • 2015/2016 - 20 students
  • 2014/2015 - 22 students
  • 2013/2014 - 22 students
  • 2012/2013 - 21 students
  • 2011/2012 - 25 students
  • 2010/2011 - 26 students
  • 2009/2010 - 34 students
  • 2008/2009 - 30 students
  • 2007/2008 - 22 students
  • 2006/2007 - 14 international students

- plus a 5-month course of Czech language in Brno for 4 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (in    order to continue their study at one of universities in South Moravian region.

  • 2007/2008 - 22 students
Iveta Kumstátová

E-mail: iveta.kumstatova(@)
Tel: +420 725 745 596







1. If you would like to study Ph.D. programme at Masaryk university, the Faculty of Science, do not hesitate to apply for the Scholarship!

2. If you would like to study at one of the universities in Brno, do not forget that you need  very good knowledge of Czech language!


Applications for the academic year 2019/2020 can be submitted from 1st December 2018 till 31st January 2019!

To apply it is necessary to submit on-line scholarship application form.

Detailed information is provided in the guidebook for applicants.



  1. Submitting on-line scholarship application: 1st December 2018 - 31st January 2019
  2. Submitting application at university: February - June 2019
    - deadlines are individually set by faculties. Our project manager is ready to help you with application form.
  3. Entrance exam at university: May - July 2019
  4. Final selection of scholarship holders: end of June 2019



Additionally, the following documents should be sent by regular post: (applicants, who finish their studies in the year of applying for scholarship, deliver the documents mentioned below only as soon as they finish their studies and receieve the diploma, at the latest within July 2018. Applicants, who have already finished and have a diploma, should deliver documents at the latest till 30th May 2018).

  • A copy of your a diploma verified by a notary and a a diploma translation by a certified translator into Czech or English language according to the country of origin and university.
  • A copy of your diploma transcript verified by a notary (a list of the completed subjects during the study) and its translation by a certified translator into Czech or English language according to the country of origin and a university.
  • A form for diploma recognition (ask the project manager of the program or directly on websites of particular universities).
  • Universities are introducing a fee of CZK 3,000 for each application for the recognition of foreign higher education and qualifications.

 If an applicant graduates in spring of the same year when the scholarship application is submitted, they upload in the on-line application only confirmation from their home university about the expected date of graduation.

Please note, that applicants, who already have a diploma nostrification, should upload in their on-line application a copy of diploma nostrification, diploma and transcript and they SHOULD NOT send any more original documents per regular post!


Welcome foreign students 2017/18

Iveta Kumstátová

Telefon: 725 745 596

E-mail: iveta.kumstatova(at)